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Bomb Club cover

Bomb Club Deluxe

Platforms: Steam, iOS, Android Release date: June 2021 (iOS, Android) • March 2022 (Steam)

« Members of the Bomb Club love to build bombs and watch them explode. When one of their invention goes rogue and starts leaving bombs everywhere, they have to take responsability and clean things up the only way they know how: by blowing everything up! »

Bomb Club is a puzzle game that will have you create chain reaction using a vast arsenal of whacky bombs. Your talents as an artificer will be put to the test in more than 200 handcrafted levels, with dozens of bombs and items to discover.

The game was initially released on mobile; a Deluxe version was later released on Steam (published by Lozange Lab), with more content and updated graphics and features.

Maestria cover


Platforms: iOS, Android Release date: January 2016

« As the Guardian of Harmony, Fugue must travel across the lands to bring music back to the places where silence and disharmony have made their nest. »

Place Fugue and other items so she can ring the bells in the correct order with her powers. This puzzle game is a casual, laidback experience that rewards taking your time.

It was my first game project! It's getting old, so it might not work on some newer devices (the rating on Google Play sadly reflects that), but it's free, so give it a try!

Bomb Club cover

Cantor Metz (project in progress)

Platforms: Steam, TBA Release date: TBA

« For centuries, people have come to this island off the coast of Normandy, only to succumb to a mysterious curse. With time, the island itself has morphed into an impossible graveyard, fed by their subconcious. We are now in 1922 and it's up to Apolline Metz, a necromancer and woman of science, to unravel their stories and rid this place of its deadly curse... »

Cantor Metz is a narrative game I'm currently working on. It takes place in Normandy, where I grew up, in a world in which black magic is considered a science. It is a 3D sidescroller with a dark atmosphere, focused on dialogues; those dialogues are told in the form of comics.

I don't know when it'll be finished, but I can say that it's a project dear to my heart!

Jam games

Bomb Club cover

Yokai Club

Event: Spooky Game Jam 2022 (3 days jam) Theme: "Spooky"

« A crowd of yokai are going clubing. As the bouncer, you have to turn down the ones who don't meet the given criteria. With each 30 seconds level, yokai become more speedy and more random criteria are added. Good luck! »

Yokai Club was done by a team of 3 people (One artist, one musician, and me as a dev). Small team, but we managed to finish the game in time. It looks great, sounds great, and it's even fun to play: a success if I've even seen one!

Bomb Club cover

Green Washing

Event: Global Game Jam 2022 (3 days jam) Theme: "Duality"

« GOBAL is a green company; at least, they're trying to look like one. Play as two employees, Jean-Mi™ and Jean-Mi©, using one controller; one must distract the journalists while the other hide the unsightly gas leaks and other barrels of radioactive waste... »

Green Washing is a humorous game about corporate double-speak. I worked on it as a tech artist alongside an artist and a developper. I also wrote the dialogues and made videos using stock footages to be used in the game's intro and outro. The game was a bit experimental in its presentation, but it was fun to try something new!

Bomb Club cover

Hyperspace Metallurgy

Event: Global Game Jam 2020 (3 days jam) Theme: "Repair"

« Using your spaceship, jump from planet to planet, launch robots to scavenge spare part and build yourself an army of automatons! But beware, the other player can do the same... May the fastest scavenger take over the galaxy! »

Hyperspace Metallurgy is a 2-players game made by a team of 8 people. I worked on the game as a tech artist, making visual effects as well as tools (like the planet generator that takes a flat texture and turns it into a round planet). That was my very first jam! Being part of a big team allowed me to work on shaders, which isn't something you often get to do in a jam.

Other projects

Bomb Club cover

The Heart of the Ruins (webcomic)

« In a world where everybody has a ring that warms up the closer they are from their other half, two people whose ring always stayed cold decide to risk their life in a treacherous tower on the off chance that they might be able to find each other. He's at the bottom, she's at the top; will they finally come together in the heart of the ruins? »

A webcomic I wrote and drew between 2017 and 2019. It's a short, self-contained fantasy story with a romantic flair. Give it a read sometimes !


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